ABOUT THE LEGALIZE CANNABIS SUPPLY, www.legalizecannabissupply.net has a partnership with a lot of, so a good deal of other cannabis store for almost 10 years. www.legalizecannabissupply.net is one of the best and largest cannabis store on the internet. We have been working for years in a pleasant cooperation with other cannabis store. During our existence we received large numbers of positive feedback from both new customers and our regular customers about products from our products.


>Go to the website .

>Choose a strain

>Put in shopping cart

>Check out

>Select payment method and fill in the order form correctly The system sends you a message when your order is submitted containing our payment details


Fill out the correct email-address. If you do not receive confirmation email or status change email. If you have not received it in your inbox, please check your spam folder first, before contacting our customer service.


We will respect your privacy and never hand out your personal details to any third party. We use these details only to be able to process your order.

Worldwide DELIVERY

We ship worldwide! Marijuana strain are perfectly legal in the California. They do not appear on the list of the illegal states. While marijuana strain maybe legal in the California, there are some restrictions for certain countries, but we still ship all our products worldwide without no complications.


If our product is prohibited in your country, take into your order form that the product could be confiscated by local authorities and there will be no restitution.